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Compass Rose Arts: Our Vision

We envision CRA as an ever-evolving Art Space, encompassing many types of arts programming for all ages and abilities.  Our gallery features expression of local artists, students, and artists who may be under-represented.  We welcome your participation, ideas, energy, and art expression!  


Mary Ternus, Founder, Instructor

Mary has been painting, drawing, and teaching art to students of all ages for several decades.  She finds great joy in helping students realize their creativity and assist the transformation in students as they achieve mastery of tools and techniques to create their own artwork.
She learned from great masters -- Max Ginsburg, Sebastian Capella, Don Demers, Sadie Valeri, and many others, and loves to bring methods in classical technique to new artists.  She studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, École Nationale Superiéure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris, Art Students League of New York, and the Art League of Alexandria.  She was an ARC Finalist in 2018.  She has a BA in Art History from AU Paris, and an MA with Distinction in Digital Media from London Met.  CV is here.


Mark Kandutsch, Co-Founder, Artist

Mark is primarily a self-taught artist.  Mark draws, does calligraphy, and now paints under the instruction of Mary Ternus.

Mark has been a primary-care physician on MDI for several decades.  He practices medicine at Cadillac Family Practice in Bar Harbor, and has a specialty in musculoskeletal ultrasound-guided injection therapies. Mark also is a builder of innovative transportation: he built his own aluminum sailboat, he reconfigured a Saab to be electric, and built an ultra-light experimental aircraft, which he actually flies over the island sometimes.

Mark and Mary are married partners in life as well as in 'labors of love'.  They have an eccentric house in the woods, messy pets, and far-flung family, who regard M & M with a mixture of bemusement and amusement.

Compass Rose Arts Gallery
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